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Ten C was founded by Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey, who worked togehter at C.P. Company before. Pungetti has deep experience which matches perfectly with Harvey’s design history at Stone Island. This match was and is evident to skills put together to develop products at Ten C....read more Ten C is designed by Alessandro Pungetti and contributed by Enzo Fusco. Ten C is true to values like craftsmanship which develops into actions to create garments that last all your life, which is in line to the vision of eliminating waste. Part of this vision is to only produce quality products and care for them in order for them to last.

The brand’s name stands for abbreviation of The Emperor’s New Clothes, which is a Danish fairy tale. Ten C is inspired by the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen, who says to look beyond what you are told to see. Within fashion that means to not look at trends and to value what is truly there, which are pieces to live and age with you. The fabric used adapts to your body and your use, going from its stiffness to a softer material, which transforms into your own character.

The garments are all made exclusively in Italy, but the inspiration comes from Japanese craftsmanship. More specifically, from Japanese engineered textiles, with special attention to OJJ – Original Japanese Jersey. This is an exclusive fabric made only in Japan and then cut, sewn and dyed by the brand in Italy. The logo of Ten-C is inspired by the kikumon seal, in acknowledgement of the Japanese. Every piece of Ten C is modular, which makes it versatile to use during different seasons by adding liners and hoods.

Ten C by Pauw

At Pauw we sell various items from Ten C’s forever collection, such as The US Army Field Jacket, The Cyclone Parka, The Car Coat, and The Core Parka. Explore the forever collection of coats and liners.

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  1. Ten-C
    Cyclone Parka III
    As low as US$1,298
  2. Ten-C
    Core Parka
    As low as US$1,103
  3. Ten-C
    Down Liner
    As low as US$476
  4. Ten-C
    Car Coat
    As low as US$1,003
  5. Ten-C
    Padded Core Parka
    As low as US$1,203
  6. Ten-C
    Down Coat Liner
    As low as US$476
  7. Ten-C
    Base Down jacket
    As low as US$802
  8. Ten-C
    Down Liner
    As low as US$326
  9. Ten-C
    Field Jacket
    As low as US$782
  10. Ten-C
    Shearling Liner
    As low as US$897
  11. Ten-C
    Down Liner
    As low as US$351
11 Products
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