Stile Latino

About the brand

  • from naples, Italy
  • no shoulder pads
  • light & comfortable

Vincenzo Attolini sells ready-made and made-to-order tailoring under his brand Stile Latino. It is made in Naples and has a distinctive southern Italian softness. The default is no shoulder pad – there may be one, but only on a slightly more formal jacket. This allows for more freedom of movement that is almost absolute, in true Neapolitan fashion. more

The colours of Stile Latino are strong, the cuts are tight, and the jackets are short. There is a strong emphasis on texture, with a surfeit of shantung ties and casentino coats. Stile Latino is there for those men that want to wear something with a distinctly Italian style, and a strong quality level. One thing Vincenzo is keen on is quality - as seen in the use of materials and trimmings from canvas to melton.

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