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Saint Crispin's

Saint Crispin's

unique handmade shoes for true gentlemen

Saint Crispin's at Pauw Mannen

Handmade | Elegant | Exclusive

The foundation of Saint Crispin’s goes back to the mid 80’s, when they began to make their first handmade bespoke shoes and design for other international shoe manufacturers. In 1992, this Austrian based company, registered the name “Saint Crispin’s” and the first bespoke shoes were sold in Germany and Italy. Now Saint Crispin’s work only with a few selected partners in the world and we at are proud to be one of them.

The Workshop is based in Brasov, Romania, and they are 24 people employed, which are all have been trained within the company. In essence they are a small shoe manufacturer with only an output of 1500 shoes per year. Saint Crispin’s shoes are 95% made by hand. The remaining 5% is attaching the sole, which is done by an antique hand-driven machine that stitches only the sole. They only choose to work with top grade leathers and craftsmanship. Saint Crispin’s goes for quality over quantity. And that is something we, at, really appreciate. offers a small selection of different models this season: an oxford in supple suede with a diamond cap toe, a dark brown single monk strap and leather chelsea boot. This collection shows that Saint Crispin’s has to be considered as timeless as it is classy with a little twist for the true gentlemen.

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