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Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona

Unique, Culture and Multi-Ethnic

About The Brand

Eyewear Culture | Fashion | Nature Acetates

Over fifteen years of experience and still running strong. Etnia Barcelona is founded by David Pellicier, who grew up in a family passionate about sunglasses. With a bigger idea than just creating sunglasses, David Pellicer wanted to leave a mark and create a brand. Not far away from the care of his grandfather, David's first collection consisted of a modern interpretation on vintage frames combined with the use of colours which was never seen before in the industry. With the tradition of high-quality manufacturing standards as the fundamental base, David's design keeps on focusing on the idea of being independent, unique, multi-ethnic and cultured.

Art, culture, travel and fashion are the essences of Etnia Barcelona. Each design begins with a creative process to select the materials and colours. They collaborated with various partners in the fashion and art industry, like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Steve McCurry, and Nobuyoshi Araki.
Etnia Barcelona's creations are crafted in natural acetate, a material made from cotton that is known for its comfort and flexibility. For the lenses, Etnia Barcelona uses the best substances and technologies to guarantee the best colour experience. The mineral lens made of pure hardened mineral crystal is anti-scratch, 70 times sharper than standard lenses and has three anti-reflective layers. These are for the protection of the human eye from UV and I.R. radiation. Not only increases Etnia Barcelona sunglasses the colour vision, eliminates glare and darken specific types of lights. They also make you look good.
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