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An Italian classic with a youthful attitude.

About The Brand

Made in Italy | Conspicuously Crafted | Discreetly Elegant

The 'calzolai' at Bontoni craft shoes of beauty and quality. Dedicated to maintaining the utmost character and individuality of each shoe, Bontoni chooses to produce just a limited number of paur per year; there is no compromising.

Each Bontoni shoe requires hundreds of hand-stitches. To achieve the shoe's precise contour, the 'calzolaio' performs more than 300 tasks, including stitching the leather, moulding and tacking the upper onto the last, and compressing the fibres of the leather. Only after the upper had 'riposato' ("slept") on its last for a minimum of 25 days does the master craftsman begin the laborious process of hand-stitching the welt.  Read More...
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