Loro Piana

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  • renowned italian luxury
  • super fine materials
  • sumptuous cashmere

Operating out of a village at the foot of the Italian Alps, the Loro Piana family has been wholesaling textiles for six generations. Famed for its specialty in high-end products, Loro Piana designs stunning silk and cashmere items that are of unparallelled quality.

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  1. Loro Piana
    Riverside Cashmere Sweater
    As low as US$899
  2. Loro Piana
    Riverside Cashmere Sweater
    As low as US$899
  3. Loro Piana
    Wish Knit
    As low as US$633
  4. Loro Piana
    Cashmere Sweater Shirt Calgary
    As low as US$2,017
  5. Loro Piana
    Spanga Cashmere Jacket
    As low as US$3,760
  6. Loro Piana
    Reversible Traveller Jack
    As low as US$3,943
  7. Loro Piana
    Gateway Bomber
    As low as US$1,816
  8. Loro Piana
    Quilted Roadster Jacket
    As low as US$2,384
  9. Loro Piana
    Traveller Windmate Jacket
    As low as US$2,201
  10. Loro Piana
    Cotton T-Shirt
    As low as US$229
  11. Loro Piana
    Suede Polacchino Open Walk
    As low as US$633
  12. Loro Piana
    Baby Cashmere Zip Cardigan
    As low as US$1,848
  13. Loro Piana
    Baby Cashmere V-neck Sweater
    As low as US$1,009
  14. Loro Piana
    Wool Polo Shirt
    As low as US$688
  15. Loro Piana
    Wool Empire Bomber
    As low as US$1,100
109 Products
Set Descending Direction