Loro Piana Open Walks

About the brand

  • Iconic Design
  • Comfortable
  • footwear

Loro Piana’s iconic shoes are the Open Walk, which are originally designed for sailing, but are perfectly adapted to an urban environment. They are designed as a functional shoe for sportive spirts, who are passionate about sailing. They became immediately popular for their comfort, lightness and minimalistic yet original silhouette.... read more 

The Open Walk is an ultra-soft ankle boot without laces. One of its special features is a patented opening with a concealed elastic band, that makes them easy to slip on. The shoes will enwrap your feet and provide complete support. Crafted in a water-repellent suede, Loro Piana’s Open Walk is the perfect finishing touch for casual looks although ideal with a more formal attire.

Pauw Mannen offers the finest collection of Loro Piana shoes every season. The collection contains their iconic design such as the Open Walk, Summer Walk, Walk and Walk, Softey Walk and Seaside Walk. Besides Loro Piana’s Footwear collection, Pauw Mannen also offers their exclusive clothing collection from the brand.

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