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Ciro Paone was born in Naples in 1933; he came from a family of fabric dealers who had been operative for five generations. More than 3 decades later, his innate passion gave rise to the Kiton project. With the founding of Kiton, Ciro turned his greatest passion into a vocation, elevating tailoring from a modest artisan craft to an artistic expression: the love for beauty, the love for beautiful garments. more

Kiton first concentrated its efforts on the shirt and tie product lines. Nowadays, Kiton also designs denim, knitwear and footwear. Every single piece is handmade in the artisan workshop composed of forty master tailors. It takes up to twenty- five hours to create a Kiton suit, each garment individually cut and meticulously hand-stitched to create flexible seams that enable the wearer to experience ease and comfort in every movement. Kiton’s designs are characterised by the bold and sometimes daring choices for fabrics in rich colours and textures.

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  1. Kiton
    Satin Jersey Shirt
    As low as US$360
  2. Kiton
    14 Micron Cahsmere Wool Suit
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  3. Kiton
    Half Lined Cashmere Jacket
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  4. Kiton
    Silk Pocket Square
    As low as US$117
4 Products
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