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In 1958, Raffaele Caruso set up his company. Produced in Soragna, Italy, the Caruso clothes still have the same unique features as when the brand was founded: the use of materials, finishes and accessories typical of luxury products and stylistic know-how lead to a unique collection every season, all whilst complying with ethical principles of sustainability.

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  1. Caruso
    Wool Suit · Now on sale
    As low as US$919 Regular Price US$1,314
  2. Caruso
    Wool Herringbone Jacket · Now on sale
    As low as US$593 Regular Price US$989
  3. Caruso
    Herringbone Double Breasted Overcoat · Now on sale
    As low as US$1,067 Regular Price US$1,524
  4. Caruso
    Dream Tweed Loro Piana Jacket
    As low as US$1,213
  5. Caruso
    Silk Wool Jacket
    As low as US$1,099
5 Products
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