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60 Seconds with Pino Luciano

News, 19 May 2017

60 Seconds with Pino Luciano

Anyone with a slight interest in Italian tailoring will know and admire Orazio Luciano. With a brand identity that optimises sartorial tailoring they are a favourite for most. In Orazio Luciano's workshop the cutters turn gorgeous fabrics into bespoke pieces, made to measure and ready to wear collections. Attention to detail, perfection of cut and typical soft Neapolitan construction are the true heritage of the company.

We were lucky enough to recently sit down with Pino Luciano (son of master-tailor Orazio Luciano), the man at the helm of the family brand to ask him a few quick-fire questions. 


What does your morning ritual look like?

Taking my daughters to school, I really treasure this moment because I won't see them until dinner time.

What is your secret talent?

I don't recognise to own any specific talent, but I'm a very persistent person and I guess that's what counts the most at any level of business.

Where do you call home? And what do you love about it?

I love the Netherlands, definitely if I didn't have my business in Naples I would have loved to live in Amsterdam. I like the energy, the freedom and the forward-thinking culture, so I can't say I feel at home but I have a sort of attachment and sense of belonging to the city.


What is your favourite style this season?

We don't really follow what's in each season, from time to time we like to revive vintage pieces and devise them with special fabrics. This year we will develop a brown wide pinstripe seersucker made with a small Japanese mill.


What should every man have in his closet, and why?

Definitely a well refined custom made navy blazer, It is an underrated product. But I rarely notice impeccable navy blazers and I guess this is the very basic foundation of a gentlemen wardrobe.

Who is your favourite artist?

Early Julian Schnabel was really innovative, with time and succes artists lose themself a little bit, but he is a complete creative. I've loved him also as a movie director.


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