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Pauw B.V. leaves little - temporary - text files on your computer (cookies) so you do not have to re-enter all the information with each visit. Moreover, these cookies help us understand how you use the website, thus we can anticipate by optimizing the website, so it becomes better and more customer friendly. We also use cookies for marketing purposes. You can easily remove or disable cookies. The result is that the website may not work entirely optimal.


Functional Cookies

Are required to place products in the Shopping Bag and to log in with your login details. The temporary information from your site visit is stored. As a result, you will not need to constantly fill the same information in the form when a page reloads.

Login Cookie

This cookie keeps track of whether you are logged in, your account will not work without this cookie.

Improvements Cookies

We use these cookies to test improvements to the website.

Cookie Notification Cookie

This cookie is used to remember whether you have closed the cookie notification. Without this cookie, the message will not close.

Analysing Cookies

These cookies make sure that the website can trace general information like how you found the website. With this information, the website can be improved.

Search Page Cookies

Search page Cookies ensure that the internal search engine can be improved according to your preferences.

Shopping Bag Cookies

These cookies are used for testing different versions of the shopping bag.

Newsletter Cookies

If you are subscribed to the newsletter, Pauw can provide relevant offers.

Retargeting Cookies

These cookies see which products you are interested in, so you get relevant ads on partner sites and you will not miss personalized offers.

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